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Mother Issues


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This is a community for people with "mother issues." You know who you are: Mom's always been the negative factor in your family life, and you need a place to bitch about it. Whether Mom was out and out abusive, or negligent, or just a bitch and a half, you can share about it here. In turn, feel free to sympathize, rant, ask for advice, and leave open letters to Mom. Chances are, we've all been there. Chances are, this is going to feel really, really good.

Anyone can join, but some rules of thumb are:

1. Don't judge anyone for being "mean" about their mom; this is the place for it! You don't like it, you leave, sucka. No flaming.
2. Don't post advertisements, promotions, etc. without running it by a moderator first. Icons and other graphics are okay, but please place them behind a cut.
3. If you're new, I'd prefer you posting the following:

Years Dealing with Mom (age):
Are you a parent?
Biggest Mother Issue(s):

That should cover the basics of your introduction, and that way we don't have those half-page ranty things some people like to post.

4. Swearing is fine. Tantrums are fine. Poor internet grammar, stIckY cAps, m@d 133t sp311!ng sh!t, and the like are not. Try to break things up into reasonable paragraphs. [p] is your friend.

5. Keep it relevant. (Keep it secret; keep it safe.)

6. Finally, if you know someone on here IRL, um... Don't go telling their Mommy. That's just not cool. It stays in the community, you know? Just because families can suck doesn't mean we want to go screwing someone's family up even more, you know? Moms like these tend to take things personally.