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New! This is my story!

Hi - My name is Amie I am 18 years old, and I live in Ohio. My best friend told me about this motherless daughter live journal and I figured I would give it a shot every little bit helps!

Although I have to tell you my story is a little different than most of everyones on here! It is different in the manner that my mother unlike most of the stories I have read on here today is still living this very day, in this very moment. So it makes a little more sense let me explain and here is my story.

I had the perfect life great family, great friends, the perfect job working for my dads electrical buisness, a farm on 11 acres, the love of my life, but the best thing of all was I wasn't missing anything in life I WAS the girl who had it all. Yeah we had our tipical family issues and arguments but regaurdless I still had the perfect life! My dads buisness had been going for about 2 years when it happened. The 2 year company picinc was coming up and me and my best friend Jessi were cooridinating it. We had a Hawaiian theme picked out, had the invitations made and sent out, it was going to be a blast! Jessi's Grandpa had been sick with cancer and was not doing so well. I grew up right next door to jessi, her mom, grama, and grampa, oh sister to. His sickness was growing worse every day. We knew his time was coming. But we cherished every day. But that will fall into play later in in the story!

Me and my mom worked in the office for my dads company, we ran it out of the basement of our home. It was just a small company, but it had grew quit a bit over 2 years and Shrigley Electric, LLC was a well known name around several nearby cities. After time the company started interfearing with the family life but we tryed not to let it get to us. Sometimes it was hard. My dad was always in the basement or out on a job, his nerves were about shot, and me and my sister brea who is 12 started becoming dependant on each other for things like: when she needed help with homework she would not go to mom or dad anymore b/c they would just stress out, and I went to her just for some human contact and someone calm to associate with. Things needless to say were getting a little out of hand!

Then it started one of the men who my dad had hired early on (steve) hurt his back and was no longer able to work out in the field with a tool belt on, so he was put in the basement to bid jobs and do the work my dad did not have time for. Things got a little better after that the stress level went down and there was not so much on my dads back. We all grew fond of steve and I began to call him uncle steve! He is a really caring man... I thought! Everyday Me, mom, and steve, sometimes dad would go to PJ's for lunch. Steve would eat dinner at the house most nights, his kids and brea became the best of friends, and everthing was going well. Then I noticed it, mom leaving for hours at a time to go to the bank, not downstairs hardly at all, she was my best friend and talked to me about everthing and I would go days without talking to her. What did I do I thought, did I say something wrong, why won't she talk to me I wish I knew. It was killing me b/c I just couldn't figure it out and I know my mom like the back of my hand and that is why it bothered me so much. Then it clicked in my head why when mom leaves does steve find somewhere to go? Why is she spending so much time away, and why is steve practicaly living here?

By now I am guessing you have figured out what the ending of the story is but it is how it ended that is the shocker.

It was made into a joke that mom was messing around with steve, a joke between me, my boyfriend (shane), jessi and a few other people. She knew about the joke she laughed at it and joked back. But yet we were still stupid enough to just think it was a joke! Well it wasn't a joke the night it happened!

There was a bachlor/Bachlorett party for a couple that me and shane are good frinds with! We were invited, and steve is also friends with the bachlor, and of course mom went b/c I went! Go figure they were both there mom and steve both! Still didn't think nuthin about it. I know what your thinking whats wrong with me but its my mom I didn't want to see what was going on! Then it was revealed.

Jessi was there to and you know we all were just having a good time and being sociable when I noticed I hadn't seen mom........or...steve for awhile! I said jessi where did mom and steve go? She was like I don't know lets go find them! So I walked around the back of the house to find my mother who I thought was my best friend and steve who I looked up to for being such a great guy! Yes I caught my mom CHEATING on my father!!! OH I forgot to mention that was the day after Jessi's Granpa had passed away and the day before the compnay picnic! How convenient!

Why me? Why out of 50 people at the party did I have to catch them! My own mother married to my dad for 14 years! What was she thinking? So that is how I am a motherless daughter! I have no respect for my mother and she still to this day blames me for what happened! It has been almost 8 months since then and I have nightmares about it every night! It is the hardest thing I have ever done! I am only 18 I need my mother in life but I don't want her in my life! What she did was wrong and decietful and I will never forgive her for it!

This is my story, and there are many more to come about the aftermath of ther whole situation so until then Stay strong I know its hrd but that is what we are all here to write about right!

Love Always - Amie

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