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Hello, I'm new..

So I'll try to stick to the preferred intro:

Years Dealing with Mom (age): I'm 37 now, however I quit talking to her 4 years ago.
Location: I'm in Illinois, U.S.
Are you a parent? Yes, I have a great relationship with my own daughter (age 17).
Biggest Mother Issue(s): She allowed a boyfriend of hers to physically abuse (torture, really) me and my brother for two years starting when I was 7 and brother was 9. She emotionally, and sometimes physically, neglected us throughout our childhood. She now denies most of what happened, especially the abuse. She remains cold-hearted, but expects close adult relationships from us. Since I quit speaking to her she's developed a "well fuck her too" attitude (I get to hear about it from my brother's wife). I have PTSD and am Bipolar, and Mommy Dearest comes up frequently in therapy.

I'm so glad to have found this group. Now I'm going to go back and read your stories...

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