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My mom is in the beginning stages of menopause. She's been dressing sluttier and sluttier to feel younger and younger. I've told her plenty of times that she just keeps looking older with the clothes she dresses in but she doesn't grasp that.
Last tuesday I left for a college trip to New York (I live in West Virginia, by the way). I was excited and my mother dropped me off at 6am that morning, hugged me good-bye, and made a very strange point to say she loved me 50million times before I left to the bus.
I had a blast in New York and I was so excited to get back and show my mother the gifts I had gotten her and my new *real* Prada purse I had purchased. I was happy.
I got off the bus and looked around for the tracker but I spotted my car instead. I walk toward it and there is my father, shockingly. He never picks me up or anything...he is always busy, I suppose. I thought nothing of it (maybe mom was asleep) so I got in and we headed home. He asked how my trip was and if I was tired and such...just normal things that would be asked after a long trip. Then he asked if my mother had been acting odd lately and I told him no. Turns out that she had dropped me off at the college, put the kids on the bus for school, and by noon had packed all her shit and left.
We believe she left to live with my whore/drug-addicted/pregnant sister in South Carolina. It really makes me angry that she abandoned us like this. That she gave up her kids and the life she had to go and (seriously) whore around in a drugged up life far away. She has some nerve thinking that this new baby my sister is about to have can take our places. She has some nerve to just up and leave us alone with no mother.
Now I am the mother to these three kids and it really makes me mad. I'm only 19 years old! To beat it all, I don't even want to have children and suddenly I have three. It's like suddenly she died...she won't be back...and I have to take all of her duties. At least when she was here I helped her around the house...I don't get any help!
I am truly motherless
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