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Hey guys sorry I havn't writin in here for awhile! Me and Shane (my boyfriend) found a house and we have been doin alot of paperwork and all that so that we can get moved in and get closed on it and everything! I am excited!

Anyways my mom is so immature. I lost my drivers lisence and I needed my Birth Certificate to get a new one. Well guess who had my birth certificate. Isn't that convienient how much trouble I have to go through just to get MY OWN birth certificate! She said she didn't have it then called shane and said "well I have her birth certificate but she has to give me back my soup cooking pot before she can have it" OH MY GOD can she just fuckin grow up? Give me a break! She can be so stupid. Oh I also went and got my tattoo on monday it is a rose with 2 horseshoes around it with an agel wing on both sides! I gave my self angel wingd to set my self free of the hurt I go through everyday b/c of mom and the rose is b/c that is me and moms favorite flower! It was an emotionall experience! Talk to ya'll later!

Hope your all doing ok! Keep Smilin!

Love Always - Amie
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