skrowerif (meghany) wrote in momissues,

The Moderator Returns

...With a fantastic mother story.

To be totally fair, she's been generally nonconfrontational and "easy" to get along with lately, which is rare in our oasis of constant backbiting and small but deeply hurtful personal slights.


Mum is having the gastric bypass surgery. Soon.

Reason? She "hopes it will help me to see how safe the surgery is so that I will feel comfortable getting it."

*stab stab stab*

Okay. I'm overweight. I am not THAT overweight. I even spoke to an MD about it in my frustration because the woman keeps trying to push me to have this scary fucking surgery. He did a doubletake and said, "Um... What?" He suggested more fruits and veggies, and more frequent walking.

Can we say projecting much? And here's the deal. I have no idea how she talked a surgeon into admitting her for this surgery. She's a big lady, but she's no Carnie Wilson. Scary.
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