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merry fucking xmas

i know my mother loves quince jelly and i have been looking for it at least 3-4 years. i even went to europe iin april and looked in stores in several countries for it.
only about 3 months ago i was in a store and they randomly had some, so i bought it, anticipating that she'd be over the moon in getting some for xmas.

she called yesterday to say that although she was "glad," she really wanted a different kind--this didn't have any chunks in it. she likes the chunky kind that her sister makes, and what i "should have" done instead was ask her sister to make some and bring it back from germany for her.

what did she give me? a signed lithograph of HER favorite artist, rie munoz. i don't dislike the art, but it doesn't stir me. she can't shut up about it. so nice of her to give me something SHE wants (presumably in hopes that i would give it to her).

yeah, merry fucking christmas to you too, ma. >:(
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