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serious mom issues here

My mother was born in Stuttgart, Germany, just after WWII. My mother's family is Hungarian, but they were living in Prague. Opa was a SS officer for the Nazis. Oma is 91 and a severe Roman Catholic who firmly believes that men are superior to women, and that women should spend their lives making men happy. She believes that Jews, Turks, and non-Ayrans are evil and will go to hell. The last time I saw her (which was the first time in 12 years) the first thing she did was spit on me and began yelling at me in Czech because I was not wearing socks. My two cousins hate her just as much, but are much more fearful because at least I have a 6,000-mile barrier between her and they do not.

My mother was first raped when she was 19. From what I have deduced, she became pregnant, and he beat her up until she miscarried. When she told Oma about what happened, she spit on my mom and told her it was her fault and that God was right to punish her for her sins. She then found the boy and arranged for my mother to marry him to protect the family's honor( because who else would marry a whore who goes out and gets herself raped?). She was engaged to him for months while he continued to rape and beat her, until she ran away to America, where she met my father, and promptly married him for citizenship status. She didn't return to Germany for 9 years.

yesterday i got the following email from my dad:
oma has become very ill. in the hospital.  heart strong, but brain going
out.  poor, dear woman wants to be at rest.  she will return home (milli's)
for hospice.  no life support.  we don't know how long she will be with us.
we all have her in our thoughts.  when she does pass, mom will fly to
aachen and pay last respects with hella.  hope it's not over christmas.

I can't believe she hasn't died yet. I want her to die.
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