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Name: chrissy
Years Dealing with Mom: 21
Location: detroit
Are you a parent?: never!
Biggest Mother Issue(s):

oh jeez...where do i even start...
my mother is an alcoholic, and has been since i was four. even before that, though, she was never exactly what you'd call nurturing. my father refuses to divorce her, even though he understands the gravity of her problem and how much it's fucked up his life, and the lives of my sister and me. i'm pretty sure he's just a coward.

but yeah..my mom. she gets drunk pretty much every night. if she has to work nights, she'll get home and binge drink to make up for the hours she had to stay sober. if for whatever reason she can't drink, she'll be anxious and cranky until she can.

she's just...mean. to my sister and i. she's also probably insane. like i think she could be institutionalized, no problem, if only my dad would sign the papers. she talks to herself constantly, and can't be alone, or sit in silence w/o freaking out. she never cleans the house, and she smokes inside and ashes all over the carpet. she complains about everything and everyone and always has to have her way. but if someone else wants something or suggests something or asks for something she'll scream at them and berate them. she smells and slurs and drools and is generally disgusting, obnoxious and embarrassing. i laugh it off, but my sister won't even bring people over.

she's not even like..a human. she's just like a drunk bot who lives in the same house as i do and who i have to do my best to avoid. i feel like a baby for complaining about it, even, but i don't have anyone who fully understands (except my sister, but she's been rendered like completely unemotional because she's never tried to stand against her environment).

but anyway, yeah, i'm really really glad this community exists. thanks for listening.
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