-.- (bestdaywelived) wrote in momissues,

Name: Krystal
Years Dealing with Mom (age): 23
Location: West Chester, PA
Are you a parent? nope, and I don't want to become one, either!
Biggest Mother Issue(s): My mother is an evangelical Protestant. I'm an atheist. She keeps pushing religion on me, which is why I limit contact with her. She's also a compulsive liar and took out two credit cards in my name when I was 18. She used to lie about me "taking out the car and putting X amount of miles on it" or would accuse me of being a slut in front of my father and other siblings. I remember getting reamed out once because I didn't turn the radio to the station she liked in the car. She also refused to let me attend any after prom parties with my dates, and drove around our town looking for me when I did go to one. She's batshit crazy.

I'm engaged right now. This is like my mother's biggest dream. Never mind that I've been published or that I put myself through college, my own accomplishments don't matter. I've heard her brag to friends that I can make an apple pie from scratch. While it's true, it's not exactly the best thing I've ever done!

My fiance and I want to plan our wedding. I ranted about her in weddingplans, which is how I ended up here. Basically, she wants me to have a family "white trash" wedding. She's pissed about decisions we've made. She's furious that we're excluding kids and that we aren't getting married "properly" in a church. I'm from NEPA. Most people there end up having their receptions at a fire station hall. Ry and I want to have it near where we live, or back at PSU. We have to do this so she and my white trash family don't ruin it or hijack the planning!
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